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Country Access Services

Vauxhall International Ltd.'s accomplishments include creating international government networks and preserving our relationship with high-level officials, key ministries and ministers in various markets.

Our business and strategy model is focused on exponential development & investment growth across in the world’s most complex, high risk & growth economy which is Africa.

We work to provide access to foreign governments to ensure clear business dealings for the benefit of our clients, their projects and markets that they are interested and invested in.

 This ensures critical business, market and political information being available, in the process enabling our clients to take advantage of a myriad of business opportunities that have the potential of yielding significant and profitable results.

Consulting Specifics

Vauxhall International Ltd, has highly trained former US govt officials who come with extensive experience, knowledge and vast global network.  They operate solely for the client in order to:

     provide strategic, unbiased and objective advisory services which assist our clients in improving their knowledge and educated entry to the desired market.

     we will provide advisory expertise on areas such as change management, financial performance, marketing and government and legislature information, with an emphasis on managing risks and costs.

Disruptive Technology

At Vauxhall, we pride ourselves in looking for cutting edge technology to introduce to Africa and the world. Disruptive technologies and medical devices, that impact societies, improve and save lives, and reduce overall costs and improve economics for all, while providing new opportunities to add jobs and stimulate local economies.

·         An example of this product is the IsoVentTM Ventilator (an anesthetic ventilator that

        can be used by up to 8 patients simultaneously without sharing air).  Vauxhall has partnered

        with the company that produces the IsoVentTM  Ventilator to make it readily available in Africa to

       help with Covid_19 public health emergency efforts.

Entry Strategies

Vauxhall International entry strategy includes the following: Identifying, segmenting, and addressing Risks. This will then be followed by establishing common assessment criteria and mutual guidelines to reach agreement on high priority risk areas and drive risk-based resource allocation. Here, integrated risk assessments prioritize emerging vulnerabilities and enhance individual market entry efforts.  Success will come out of co-habitation of market intelligence and mutual understanding of both the client and the specific countries.

        Vauxhall’s clients typically enter new markets through client representation and

           one of four possible routes.

All dependent on clients needs and market opportunities.

Market Analysis

Vauxhall International conducts regular market analysis of all the regions we operate in.  As a result of the relationship we have with the decision makers, as well of market, economical, we are able to more accurately predict growth size and future growth, profitability, infrastructure/distribution costs, market trends and the keys factors for success.

The success of any partnership between our clients and the specific market will depend on the needs of the market and our client’s capability to fulfill the opportunity allowed to them.  

As a result, a competitive advantage and problem-solving analysis will be developed for our clients.

Other Services

       Investigative Services

       Litigation Support Services

       Country specific opportunities:

o   Construction infrastructure

o   Agriculture

o   Medical

o   Power and energy Infrastructure

o   fishing